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06/19/2020 @ 6:15pm
Summer Solstice Sprint
Sprint, Aquathon, Aquabike Triathlon
Sutton, MA
Marion's Camp is at the end of Tutle Rd, but there is NO PARKING and NO DROP OFFS at this location; the small parking lot is the Transition Area so there is no where to park.  It's a small basically one-lane road down to the camp, and there isn't room to "just drop things off quickly" before parking at the remote lots either.  The Memorial Fields lot is less than 1/2 mile away and the Chuch is about 3/4 mile away, and both are an easy downhill ride to the venue.

The only exceptions to this are for racers doing the paddle option (parking is limited to grassy field next to Transition Area), handicap spectators, and Vendors.  Any of these parked cars at the venue cannot leave until about 8:30pm when the majority of the racers are in and it's safer to operate a vehichle. 

Thank you for understanding.
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