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Q: Where is the parking the Race of Rams?
There will be NO, ZERO, NUNCA, NADA, ZILCH, ZIPPO parking on the Balmer School grounds or on streets surrounding the school.  There are 4 events going on and we need the space for participants, vendors, and sponsors.  Thank you for your understanding. All participant/spectator parking is located at the Potpouri Group parking lot, at 355 Main St in Whitinsville.  Participants/spectators will then take the short walk down Arcade St to Balmer School.

Q: What is the race cancelation policy?
To ensure the safest event for the participants and all involved, we reserve the right to cancel, delay, or modify the format of the event at anytime. Believe us, it would have to be a very, very SERIOUS and DANGEROUS situation for the Race of Rams to be canceled. But in the unfortunate situation this is required, there is a no-refund policy in place, as the costs have already been incurred to host the event and we do not want to take away any contributions to our charities. We expect you to be disappointed if the Race of Rams is canceled, as we will be, but we also hope you understand why a no-refund policy is in place.

Q: Are strollers, joggers, pets, etc allowed on any of the Race of Rams courses?
Due to insurance purposes and the safety of all participants, we cannot allow strollers, joggers, pets, etc on any of the courses at all.

Q: Will babysitting be available for my kids?
Yes!  The Girl Scouts will be on location at Balmer School to watch the lil’ ones for a small donation.  

Q: How many participants will be allowed to register?
The adult duathlon race capacity is 350 people.  There are no limits for the 5k, kids fun run, or kids off-road duathlon.

Q: Is Race of Rams Duathlon (adult and kids) sanctioned by the USAT?
A: Yes, both Race of Rams duathlons are sanctioned by the USAT and will observe all USAT rules. Everyone must have an annual membership ($45 for adult, $15 for youth (under 17) or purchase a one day USAT license.   For annual card holders, your USAT member card must be presented at packet pick-up, or a One-Day license will need to be purchased.  This is standard for all USAT sanctioned events.  See below for more info.

Q: What is a one-day USAT license?
A one-day license allows an athlete to compete in a USAT sanctioned race without purchasing an annual membership. The $12 fee provides the (adult) athlete or $10 fee for youth (under 17) with excess accident insurance for that race only.  You can purchase this one day license online when you register. Visit USATriathlon.org for more information.

Q:  Are Race of Rams events chip-timed?
A: Yes.  The adults duathlon and 5k are chip-timed by RaceWire; the kids events are not timed at all as it’s just about the participation and completion for them.  Duathlon participants will receive 5 split times.

Q: Will there be a relay division in the duathlon?
A: Yes, there will be a relay division in the duathlon.  Registration can only be completed with the off-line form however.

Q: Will there be a Clydesdale or Athena Division in the duathlon?
A: Yes, Clydesdale are males over 220 pounds and Athena’s are females over 165 pounds, and you must elect to participate in this division during registration.

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet on the bike course (adult or kids)?
A: YES – No Exceptions.

Q: Did this race used to be called PTA 5k and Family fun day in 2012?
A: Yes, this race changed names in 2013 to Race of Rams and added adult and kids duathlons to the existing 5k and kids fun run.  Everything else including the date, location, course, are the same.

Q: How do I get my registration packet on race weekend?
You can pick up your race packet on Sat. May 4, from 4-6pm at Balmer School.   Race day packet pickup will be from 6:30am to 8:00am on Sunday.  Please, make every effort to pick up your packet on Saturday. Reminder, photo ID and USAT member card (if member) MUST be presented at packet pick-up (Saturday or Sunday).  NO ID = NO RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q: What time does the transition area close?
A: The transition area closes at 8:15am  Please, make every effort to be out of the transition before 8:15am so we can start the race on time.  Any delays will throw off all the other events later in the day (5k, kids fun run, kids duathlon).

Q: How many water stations are on the run course?
No aid stations will be on the first segment of the duathlon, and just one will be located at the turn-around point on the second leg.  On the 5k, there will be two.

Q: Can I pick up my friend’s packet?
No. Every participant must pick up their own packet, show ID, and sign their own waiver. The only exception is that a parent can pickup their childs packet if they have to co-sign the USAT waiver.

Q: Where is the best place for spectators to watch the race?
1. Baseball field closest to the entrance of Balmer School.  2. Playground at Balmer School. 3. Corner for Swift/Goldthwaite for bike portion of duathlon and 5k run.
4. Last but not least at the parking lot known as “parent pickup” at Balmer School.

Q: Are there any refunds or transfers?
Sorry, all registrations are final; there are no refunds or transfers to another participant. If you are unable to do any event please let us know ASAP so someone else can take your spot.  You may be eligible to defer your race entry to another event, but requests must be made in writing to alex@mramultisport.com no later than 15 days prior to the event and are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Q: What is the minimum age to participate in adult duathlon?
All athletes must be at least 12 years old (by December 31) to participate in the adult duathlon.

Q: What is the age range to participate in youth duathlon?
All youth athletes must be able to ride a bike without training wheels and should be at least 6 years old to participate in the youth duathlon (contact me to discuss specific situation).  The race will be organized by age groups, and bike distances will vary slightly.

Q: My child’s bike still has training wheels, is that OK?
 Sorry, but no training wheels are allowed in the kids off-road duathlon.

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100% of sponsorships and a portion of the registration fees will go towards the Northbridge PTA.

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