The following services are currently offered by MRA Multisport.  Looking for something that is not currently listed?  Contact us today to discuss the idea or opportunity!

Multisport 101, wetsuit demo, swim analysis  - Come join us on April 13 or April 27 for these great seminars  Click here for more info and to register.

Open Water Swim Clinics2014 dates and info here

My First Tri – Unique 12 week course touches on all aspects of triathlon training (swimming, biking, running, strength training, transitions, training and recovery, nutrition, bike maintenance, mental toughness) in both a classroom setting as well as “in the field” group-themed coached training sessions.  Built into each clinic is the goal of participating in a USAT sanctioned Triathlon with race-day support!  Program includes:

  • Educational clinics on topics such as transitions, bike maintenance, recovery, nutrition, mental preparation/strategy – $75 value
  • Performance clinics (“in the field”) to highlight proper form and training drills – $60 value
  • Personalized, periodized triathlon training plans to get you ready for the target race – $95 value
  • Weekly “coached” group training sessions – $150 value
  • 1 year MRA Multisport Club membership – $85 value
  • Race entry fee (plus 1 day USAT membership fee, if applicable) – up to $95 value
  • Free Club performance t-shirt – $25 value

Currently accepting new clients, $350/clinic. Next session starting mid-March 2014.  Contact us for more info.

Race Training Plan - pre-defined personalized, periodized 12-week triathlon training plans to get you ready for your target race.  Athletes are expected to be able to make small changes/tweaks to the schedule on their own based on any personal constraints or conflicts.  Regular check-in with Coach Megan to measure progress/answer questions.  Intended for experienced triathletes looking for a roadmap.

Currently accepting new clients, $95/plan.  Contact us for more info.

Personalized Coaching Program - highly personalized, periodized triathlon training program based on the race goals of the dedicated triathlete. Plans are provided to athletes in 2-week intervals and include daily workouts for all 3 disciplines plus strength training and rest/recovery days.  Athletes have unlimited email access for support or questions.  3, 6, 12 month programs available.

Currently accepting new clients, $120/month.  Contact us for more info.

Strength Training Sessions strength, conditioning, and flexibility specific to the muscular needs of a triathlete (emphasis on sports of swimming, biking, and running).  Resistance and body weight workouts are the focus of this 8-10 week “boot camp” style group training class (classes held outdoors, weather permitting).  Minimum 3 participants required.

None currently offered. Check back in the fall for 2014-5 fall/winter sessions.

Discipline-specific clinics – for athletes looking to focus on improving one specific aspect of triathlons; swimming, running, or general strength.  Over the 8-week clinic, athletes will receive both supervised training sessions as well as “take home” assignments to be completed to reach their goals.  Offered to both individuals and small groups (minimum 3 participants), clinic includes a pre-assessment as well as post-assessment of skills to quantify measurable improvements.

Currently accepting new clients, $150/person (individual), $120/person (group).

*Note – swimming clinic requires separate membership/access to local pool, such as Whitin Community Center.