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Event Schedule:

No dates planned for 2031; check back for 2014

Timing: Although this is a semi-competitive event and timing will be provided for individuals, it’s a training event at its core so no awards will be provided.

Commemorative Event item: Registration fees largely go toward providing a safe environment with on and off-water support and fees to utilize the venue.  At registration time and at the event itself a Singletary Swim Series commemorative beach towel will be made available for purchase.  A portion of beach towel proceeds is donated back to the rejuvenation efforts for Marion’s Camp.

Training swims: Marion’s Camp is privately owned town facility; it is not a public beach so therefore will not available for training swims. Please respect this and do not jeopardize our ability to use this beach or more importantly, put yourself at risk by swimming unsupervised.  The MRA Multisport Club has, however, partnered with the town of Sutton to gain access to the beach for club swims during “closed” hours.  For more information about the Club and the benefits of membership, including swim access at Marion’s Camp, visit the Tri-Club page.


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