MRA Multisport Club – Swimming Only Membership

Our exclusive access to the beautiful beach at Marion’s Camp in Sutton, MA has steadily grown in popularity over the years, not only with our Triathlon club members, but also from those that just want to swim in the open water and take a season away from the pool.  The Swim Only club membership is just $25 for the season, and provides members the opportunity to enjoy all the swimming-related benefits of our Triathlon Club  Members.  This includes 6 swims a week (M/W/F/Sat morning, Tu/Th evening), and participation in the monthly Open Water Swim Clinics that we organize, to introduce the triathlon swim-start to individuals.  Our club  is only allowed to use the Camp during specific timeframes; this is not a pass to use the beach at any time and does not include an annual beach pass – that is purchased directly with the town of Sutton.

The calendar is used to track who is swimming at any given session, and is the primary means of communications should anything change (swim cancelled due to weather or weed control treatments, for example).

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