“Meg’s insights and training plans for your first triathlon are invaluable. After taking the time to assess your personal goals and objectives, along with a review of your physical condition, she designed a flexible training program and provided input regularly. She made modifications to the schedule to account for illness, fatigue and a sometimes impossible work schedule. By following this schedule I was able to successfully complete 2 sprint distance triathlons and 1 duathlon last season.  I finished my first triathlon in 1:45:58 and my second triathlon 1:38:47. 

Meg provides an excellent alternative to the “do-it-yourself” approach. Her coaching is economically reasonable on the wallet. Her emphasis is always on remaining injury-free. Lastly, she provides additional training such as private swim lessons or core-body workouts, which accelerates one’s training progress enormously.

When I started training with Meg I was unable to swim across a 25-meter pool without being winded and exhausted. After just a short week she had me swimming 1,000 meters in no time. The progress was so dramatic that I realized along with cardio development, technique, which she provided me with, was the key ingredient to improving in this discipline. I can’t thank her enough for teaching and helping me achieve my goal of completing a triathlon I am looking forward to 2012 triathlon season.”

Kristin from Grafton, MA

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